Ammonium Chloride 1 drop or 4 drops ?

Ammonia for fishless cycling One of our most popular products is our Ammonium Chloride for fishless cycling.  As the term implies fishless cycling means without fish but there needs to be a source of ammonia for the nitrifying bacteria.  That’s why we provide ammonium chloride drops – for you to use to feed the nitrifying … Read more

Cycling an aquarium – where’s the nitrite!

A fairly common email to our customer service center is that our One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria is not working. The customer knows this because there is no nitrite in their aquarium. The thinking is that since they are cycling the tank there has to be nitrite in the water. They know ammonia is … Read more

One & Only arrived warm – is it still good?

Short answer – yes, the One & Only Live Nitrifying bacteria is still good! The temperature of nitrifying bacteria is a concern to many people who worry that their One & Only Live bacteria are not good anymore because they arrived warm. This concern is not necessary as our bacteria prefer warmer water temperatures where … Read more