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General Articles: Glossary of Terms, Filtration, Water Chemistry, Getting Started and Microbiology.


What to Expect During the First 30 Days

An article about what to expect during the first 30 days after you set up your aquarium.

Water Quality - A holistic Approach

This article defines what water quality means to the aquarium keeper and discusses taking a boarder view of water quality instead of focusing on a particular chemical.

Aquarium Carrying Capacity

This article discusses just how many fish can one put in an aquarium.

A Glossary of 50 Common Aquarium Terms

This article provides definitions for 50 common terms used in aquarium chemistry and biology.

Activated Carbon - A Primer

This article discusses activated carbon in the home aquarium.

100 Years of Aquarium Keeping

This article discusses 100 years of aquarium keeping techniques and how some things don't change.

Freshwater Articles: Short articles on fish, algae, plants and other topics specific to freshwater aquaria.


Aquatic Plants & the Nitrogen Cycle

This article reviews the benefits of aquatic plants and the role they can play in nitrification.

Saltwater Articles: Short articles on fish, algae, corals, skimmers and other topics specific to saltwater aquaria.


Are Saltwater Aquaria Harder?

This article discusses the reasons many people falsely claim saltwater aquaria are harder to keep than freshwater aquaria.

Protein Skimmers

An article on protein skimmers basics, the principals behind them and how they work.

Algae Blooms in Reef Tanks

The article discusses the causes of algae blooms in reef tanks and how to get algae under control.