Reviews for One & Only


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From the Arizona SeaLife Aquarium

Arizona Sealife Aquarium
“Dr. Tim’s One and Only” was crucial in the setup and cycling of our facility.  We were up against a very short timeline and with the aid of Dr. Tim’s bacteria we didn’t need to worry about massive water changes.  During the initial stocking our ammonia only reached 1ppm for four days and then dropped to below .1ppm within less than a week.   Nitrites never reached above .57ppm and were gone within 10 days.  I wouldn’t do another startup without it.”  

B. Dirk Westfall
Displays Curator
SEA LIFE Arizona
Tempe, AZ  85282


From a hobbyist

Dr. Tim's One & Only Nitrifying Bacteria is the only cycling product I have purchased that produced visible results in my water chemistry and in a very short period of time. My fish also appreciated the sample of First Defense! Thanks for a great product.

Wesley G. -- California


From a new fish tank owner

"Hi Dr. Hovanec,

I cannot being to thank you for all of your help and personal attention for clearing up my new tank syndrome. My babies thank you as well. Because you made setting up a tank so easy I have decided to purchase a 2nd large tank. In fact my husband spent all weekend building a pedestal for it. I will continue to be one of your favorite customers and have been vigorously passing on the many benefits of your genius to everyone I talk with about fish. I found that many people are apprehensive about expanding their fish collection because of the difficulties they had setting up their tanks and losing fish. Since I have told many people about your products they are going to start adding to their collection with new tanks and more fish.
Once again my sincerest and most heartfelt thank you.
Tempe, AZ

From a user concerned about fishless cycling

"A few years ago I had a FOWLR tank that I ended up having to take down due to a bristle worm infestation, I hate those things... So when I was ready to get back into the hobby, I decided to go all dry rock and sand so I wouldn't have to worry about any unwanted hitchhikers to start out with. I had a decision to make on how to start the nitrogen cycle and came across somebody else in the hobby that tried Dr.Tim's One and Only Live Bacteria in addition to the Ammonium Chloride with great success so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered up a bottle of the live bacteria, put in the comments that it was for a fishless cycle and they included a bottle of Ammonium Chloride for free (used to feed the bacteria). Got my shipment in 2 days and started the cycle by adding the bacteria and dosing with the ammonia (much nicer than adding a shrimp to rot and smell up the tank). I tested every day to follow the cycle, added the ammonia as specified by Dr.Tim and in half the time it takes for a normal tank to cycle, my tank was fully cycled and ready to go without having to seed my tank with live rock or live sand. These results are phenomenal, not to mention the excellent customer service!! I highly recommend this product to anyone starting up a new tank and who wants the cycle to be an easy and fast process.

Thank you DR.Tim!!!!
Jim M.

From the Pros

"The start-up of a public aquarium is a challenging process and time is an important factor in order to meet the opening deadlines. Dr. Tim's One and Only Bacteria was a critical component in the opening process of our aquarium. It allowed for us to have our systems operating and ready for fish in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months. I highly recommend the use of this product for the start-up of any aquarium. It will make a huge difference!"

Chris Spaulding - Senior Curator
SEA LIFE Aquarium at Legoland California Resort

From the Service Company

"I bought 24 4 oz bottles and have 12 left. I used your salt water one and only on a 360 gal new setup. We stocked over 30 fish and lost only 2. No new tank syndrome here.
The 2 we lost were due to shipping not acclimation."

- Dan at Prime Reef Aquatics