Our Story

Dr Tim Hovanec

Yes, there really is a Dr Tim

DrTim’s Aquatics is the merging of the twin passions of the founder: fishkeeping and science. We make setting-up and maintaining an aquarium easy by sharing practical advice and proven products developed through years of experience and our own real science.

DrTim got his first aquarium at age 6 after killing two goldfish he had won at a school fair. Responding to the pleas of help his uncle brought over an extra tank from his dentist office and showed DrTim the basics (DrTim still has that aquarium! - see below). In not too many years, with the garage full of aquariums and visions from The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau in his head, DrTim was determined to become a marine biologist. Possessing a major amount of curiosity and a love of reading, plus mentoring from some teachers, science came easy. Obtaining advanced degrees in the science of keeping fish was just the logical result of a boy’s dreams.

Our products are developed from that dream with a simple goal – make fishkeeping easy. You don’t need to be a biologist or chemist - we’ve got that covered. You don’t have to make mistakes – we’ve made hundreds so learn from us. Just have a little patience. There’s no magic or secrets – we’ve done the research and produced the products. Now we are happy to guide you to success with your tank no matter your level: beginner or expert we’re here for you. We encourage you to ask questions; to be curious; but most of all to enjoy.

Dr Tim's First Aquarium

Dr Tim has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific paper on nitrifying bacteria and filtration for aquariums and aquatic life-support systems.  He also has written dozens of articles and columns for aquarium trade and hobby magazines.  He has been an invited speakers to many national and international conferences and regularly speaks to aquarium societies.

Dr Tim is also a regular speaker at the yearly Shark Reef Aquatic Medicine Seminar at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and the Aquality Water Quality Symposium.

Dr Tim hold numerous patents for nitrifying bacteria, their use to accelerate nitrification in aquatic systems and their detection using molecular methods.  You can access a list of his patents HERE.




Major Milestones in Dr Tim's career:

2007 - Current. Founder and CEO. DrTim's Aquatics, LLC

Ph.D. 1998. Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology. University of California, Santa Barbara.
Dissertation Title: Characterization of the Nitrifying Bacteria in Aquaria and Mono Lake, California,
Using Molecular Methods. 203p.

1990 - 2007. Chief Science Officer - Marineland Aquarium Products

M.S. 1986. Biology, emphasis in Ecology. San Diego State University. Thesis Title: Acute Ammonia Toxicity and Ammonia Excretion of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis). 140p.

1980 - 1990.  Hatchery Biologist - Aquatics Systems Inc. San Diego, CA.

1978.  Hatchery Biologist - US Peace Corps, Philippines.

B.S. 1978. Biology, with Distinction. San Diego State University.

1976-77. Studied at the Limnology Institute. Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


Dr Tim's CV can be accessed Hovanec CV Feb17.