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From A Service Company Regarding Cyanobacteria

[box style=”quote”]Hi Dr. Tim,

I tried your Re-FRESH to control cyanobacteria in saltwater fish and reef aquariums.  I have an aquarium service company and my clients deserve and demand clean aquariums.  We recently picked up a new aquarium and this client has fought cyano for many years.  We did a water change and began adding Re-FRESH weekly.  Within three weeks all traces of cyano were gone.  The client was ecstatic to see his tank clean and free of the dreaded red slime. Since then I have used Re-FRESH on other aquariums with great results.  The only possible setback has been that we have presumably killed a few snails when treating.

I highly recommend and will continue to use Re-FRESH.

Thanks for creating this great product.

Laurren Schmoyer
Elite Aquarium Services[/box]