Products for Koi Ponds & Water Gardens

Manufactured with the specific needs of all koi ponds & water gardens.
Eliminate New Tank Syndrome
Help Fish Adapt to New Environments
Revitalize Old, Green/Brown Water
Dissolve Sludge and Dirt
Eliminate New Tank Syndrome
Clear up Cloudy White Water
Maintain a Balanced, Healthy Aquarium Environment

ONE & ONLY Live Nitrifying Bacteria

  • Immediately works to condition new pond filters
  • Instantly creates a bio filter
  • Removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, naturally
  • No sulfur or other offensive odors
  • No wait needed
  • 100% natural

Good for 6 months at room temperature, 1 year at 50°F. Best to keep refrigerated for longest shelf life.

One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria works quickly to condition new ponds by instantly seeding the biofilter with billions of live nitrifying bacteria.

AquaCleanse Tapwater Detoxifier

  • Eliminates common chemicals in tapwater
  • Removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia
  • Instantly detoxifies tap water
  • No odor
  • 100% natural

Chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines and ammonia are in tapwater in order to make it safe for us to drink by killing bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Add AquaCleanse to your tapwater before setting up a new pond and during routine water changes. AquaCleanse destroys the chemical bonds that form ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Even a short exposure to these chemicals can be very harmful to your aquatic pets.

First Defense Stress Relief for Koi Ponds & Water Gardens

  • Promotes healing
  • Promotes healing
  • Repairs wounds
  • Helps fish adapt to new environments
  • Supports the immune system
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • 100% natural
Changing the environment of a fish causes stress that robs the fish of essential nutrients and can weaken their immune system.
First Defense is scientifically designed to provide stress relief and support the immune system, helping fish cope with stress due to bagging and shipping from the store to your tank, water changes, new fish additions, disease treatments and other environmental changes.

Clear-UP Natural Water Clarifier

  • Clears up cloudy white water
  • Beneficial bacteria can 'floc' small particles from water
  • Clears water without harmful chemicals
  • No odor
  • 100% natural

Clear-UP clears cloudy white water. Clear-UP is a 100% natural water clarifier consisting of beneficial bacteria, with the ability to 'floc' small particles from the pond water.

The result is clear water without the use the harmful chemicals contained in other water clarifiers, such as alum and polyacrylamide (a potentially toxic chemical).

Re-Fresh for Green/Brown pond Water

  • Revitalizes old, green/brown water
  • Preserves clear water
  • Keeps water odor free
  • Reduces organics
  • Use frequently to maintain sparkling water
  • 100% natural

Re-Fresh revitalizes old, green/brown pond water. Re-Fresh is a potent combination of beneficial bacteria that work together to maintain clear water, clean pond surfaces and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Because the condition of every pond varies, it may be necessary to add Re-Fresh more frequently to achieve desired results.

Eco-Balance Friendly Probiotic Bacteria

  • Maintains a balanced, healthy pond environment
  • Blocks out unfriendly bacteria
  • Promotes optimal water quality
  • 100% natural

Research has demonstrated that friendly probiotic bacteria are key to maintaining a balanced, healthy pond environment. The normal processes in a pond upset this balance, which can allow unfriendly bacteria and algae to dominate the system, negatively affecting water quality and overall pond aesthetics.

Waste-Away Natural Pond Cleaner

  • Dissolves sludge and dirt
  • Dissolves sludge and dirt
  • Unclogs gravel/coral beds
  • Removes hidden wastes
  • Contains no phosphates
  • 100% natural

Waste-Away sludge busting beneficial bacteria will naturally dissolve the sludge and dirt that accumulates in a pond and prevent the build-up of debris when used on a regular basis.

Waste-Away should be used on a regular (weekly) basis to keep sludge from accumulating in the pond, which can negatively affect water quality.