Selecting the Right LED

Selecting the Correct AquaRay LED System

There are no real hard and fast rules for selecting the right light – the right light depends on your view and what you are trying to accomplish. However, there are some guidelines. Below, we present a couple of ways to select the light system for your tank.

First is a quick reference chart. Follow the 3 easy steps and you’ll have a first choice and a second choice. Generally, the second choice (striped lines) is for tanks that need a little extra light – such as those with a lot of plants or SPS corals. Download a copy of the worksheet.

Second is a little more involved method. You’ll need to know the surface dimensions of your tank (length and width).

Either method will give you a start in selecting the light for your tank. Also remember these systems are modular so you can easily expand your system, adding additional light strips of the same type or different ones to get a special effect.

In order to select the right light system for your aquarium, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. What type of aquarium do you have? Freshwater: Fish Only or Plants – Marine: Fish Only or Reef
  2. How deep is your aquarium?
  3. What are the surface dimensions of your aquarium?

Based on the answers to questions 1 and 2 – select the right light for your tank from the following table:

AquaRay Tank Chart

Next determine the number of lights you need, using the following guidelines:

For a FULL REEF aquarium (fish and invertebrates): use 1 AquaBeam600 Light Strip per 1 sq. ft. of surface area.
For example, to light a 4 ft x 2 ft aquarium which is 8 ft2 you need 8ft2 divided by 1lamp/ft2 = 8 units.

For a FISH ONLY WITH LIVE ROCK aquarium: Use 1 AquaBeam600 Light Strip per 1.3 sq. ft. of surface area.
Using the same example of the 4 ft x 2ft aquarium, you will need 8ft2 divided by 1lamp/1.3ft2 = 6 units.

For a TROPICAL aquarium (fish and plants): Use 1 x AquaBeam600 Light Strip per 2 sq. ft. of surface area.
Again, use the 8ft2 aquarium – you will need 8ft2 divided by 1lamp/2ft2 = 4 units.

The above is a guide only – ultimately the number of units you use will come down to personal preference.