Nitrifying Bacteria Mixtures Work – Provided….

You read or hear from “experts,” that nitrifying bacteria mixtures don’t work so don’t waste your money. That statement may have been true 10 years ago but is not today. I will explain why. But first let me acknowledge that I do manufacture and sell a mixture of nitrifying bacteria. However, unlike every other company … Read more

Reduce Stress in Your Aquarium

Fish and corals react to stress in many of the same ways that humans do. Stress can reduce their ability to fight off disease, resulting in poor body condition and loss of color. If the stress agents in the aquarium are not removed, the animal will eventually be invaded by opportunistic bacteria or develop a … Read more

Aquarium Maintenance – It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Maintenance – no one likes to do maintenance on aquariums or anything else. But maintenance on an aquarium does not have to be hard or time consuming. A few minutes each week with an hour or so once a month is all this is necessary for most aquaria. Plus DrTim’s Aquatics makes a few products … Read more

Nitrifying Bacteria Aren’t Human

What? Of course, nitrifying bacteria aren’t human. Everyone knows that. If that’s the case, which it is, then why do so many people insist on giving nitrifying bacteria human traits? What I am talking about is the continued insistence of many that nitrifying bacteria can’t possibly survive in a bottle because they will starve due … Read more

Setting up Your Aquarium

Setting up a new aquarium can be intimidating and exciting at the same time. But while excitement is good, feeling intimidated is not so good. Taking the apprehension out of the process and helping you succeed in setting up your aquarium is the goal of this article. Step1: Find the right place for your aquarium. … Read more

Should You Add Salt to Your Freshwater Aquarium?

Rebecca L. from South Carolina asked if she should add salt in her freshwater tanks because she was told it prevents diseases and, if so, how much? Here is the answer to Rebecca’s question: In many cases, adding a little salt to a freshwater aquarium can help, as it reduces the stress on the fish … Read more

Using an Ammonia Remover/Dechlorinator

Overdosing ammonia removers during the start-up and break-in cycle of a newly set-up aquarium can cause problems and actually delay the onset of nitrification, even when using a culture of living nitrifying bacteria. Before adding nitrifying bacteria to their newly set-up aquarium, many people add a dechlorination/ammonia removing agent to their tap water to get … Read more